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v1.5.6 released

twitpic support, nearby search, new url shorteners and more. see our release notes for the details.

photo posting issues

as reported on twitter’s blog, yesterday’s clickjacking attack against twitter users forced them to block a wide range of API connections, including an IP range that twidroid uses for photo posting. we worked with twitter to immediately move our photo hosting to a different server to resolve the issue. this change needs to propagate now worldwide and should be due by friday evening GMT.
sorry for the troubles which were not within our sphere of control.

twidroid and my tracks

we are happy to announce the official support from google’s brand new my tracks application which allows you to tweet your location on the go through twidroid’s API.

twidroid going strong

besides being the undisputed market leader on android phones, twidroid is already growing strong among all twitter clients in general, now entering the top 10% globally.
thanks and keep on tweeting!

v1.5.3 released

see our release notes for more.

v1.5.1 released

thanks to your feedback we’ve included many improvements. see our release notes for more.

phodroid update

phodroid has undergone a major update:
  • increased photo size
  • commenting via disqus, facebook or seesmic
  • google maps integration for geotagged photos

v.1.4.3 released

see our release notes for more.

phodroid with location

if you post a photo via twidroid the displaying web page does now have an additional location link to google maps.

v1.4 released

new UI changes, favorites & support for twitter-compatible APIs. see our release notes for more.

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